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San Francisco 2018

September 3
September 4 & 5

About Flink Forward

Flink Forward is the conference for Apache Flink® and the stream processing communities. Join core Flink committers, new and experienced users, and thought leaders to share experiences and best practices in stream processing, real-time analytics, event-driven applications, and managing mission-critical Flink deployments in production.

At Flink Forward, participants have the opportunity to hear from experts who have built scalable streaming infrastructure and enterprise-grade applications, view live demos and attend in-depth technical talks on the internals of stream processing technologies. Participants learn how global companies like Google, Yelp, eBay, Alibaba, Uber, American Express, Netflix, Lyft, and Capital One use Flink as the stream processing engine of choice for large-scale stateful applications, including real-time analytics, real-time search and content ranking, fraud/anomaly/threat detection.

Flink Forward kicks off with a full day of training sessions on April 1. Our training sessions are led by members of the data Artisans team. A higher quality training session is hard to find! You’ll take part in a hands-on learning session led by true experts. The training day is followed by a conference day on April 2 with keynotes and talks on production Flink use cases, to Apache Flink® internals, to the growth of the Flink ecosystem, and many more topics on stream processing and real-time analytics. After an inspiring first day of technical sessions, we invite you to join our Flink Fest in the evening on April 2.

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About Apache Flink®

Apache Flink® is an open source stream processing platform for real-time analytics and real-time applications. It provides efficient, fast, accurate, and fault tolerant handling of massive streams of events. Apache Flink® also supports batch processing as a special case of stream processing.

data Artisans engineers wrote the first lines of code of what would later become Apache Flink®. As members of the open source community, the team at data Artisans is 100% dedicated to our work in further developing Apache Flink®, so it continues to be the most powerful and modern stream processor available.

If you’re new to stream processing and would like to learn more, check out “What is stream processing?” on the data Artisans site.

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About data Artisans

data Artisans was founded in 2014 by the original creators of Apache Flink®. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany with offices in San Francisco, California.

data Artisans was created based on the increasing need for a large-scale data processing technology that was open source and at the same time properly rooted in long-tested principles and architectures from the database and distributed systems fields. From the very beginning Apache Flink® was developed as open source and data Artisans has led Apache Flink’s rapid community growth and industry adoption.

data Artisans provides dA Platform, with open source Apache Flink® and Application Manager, to the enterprise to enable high-throughput and low-latency solutions for event-driven applications.

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